Kanye West will have to go to Panama to shut down Coinye

Kanye West Coinye battle gets more complicated

Kanye West's legal team have amped up the Coinye West battle by filing a lawsuit in New York against the creators, however they will have to go as far as Panama to totally shut the operation down.

The anonymous creators/affiliates of the Coinye Coin have released a new website which may prove extremely difficult to take offline. After their official coinyewest(dot)com site was made unavailable, the creators may have decided to re-host their main web page with Voxility, which operates in the US and Romania.

However, their domain (website address) has been registered in Panama, which may make it even more difficult to get a hold of. This means that even if Voxility decide to turn off the site, the Coinye owners still have the domain in Panama, where they could decide to host it elsewhere.

Their website is also currently listed as being on a server in Australia and the company that owns that server is based in Romania, not California.

In addition to this, numerous social pages have appeared on the web including a Coinye West Facebook page and other Coinye related websites. In total, there are now over 11 million indexed pages on Google related to the search term "Coinye West."

However the Twitter page for the Coinye West developers issued this statement regarding the cryptocurrency. It is unclear whether other people outside of the original Coinye West team have decided to create copycat websites.

How we got this information

We conducted a search using whois.org which retraced the registry of the Coinyecoin domain name along with where it is served, and which hosting company it is with. This information can be freely obtained by the general public.


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