Kanye West – From music to film to fashion

Kanye West took his creativity to the catwalk last night in Paris with his new fashion line ‘Yeezy', which is yet another twist in his already ultra-artistic career.

Kanye West

Just a year ago, West took the film industry for a spin when he released a 35 minute musical film ‘Runaway’ which was a daring attempt at mixing music with a narrative structure. It was well received despite its technical flaws because it attempted something new, it evoked a new sense of musical style, and no one had really tried to do it on that level before. Of course, critics will always exist in every department, including those who disliked Kanye’s new creations last night.

I can’t criticize Kanye for his fashion choices because like everything, different people can interpret fashion differently. Although his fashion line Pastelle was not a success, West still continues to come up with different ‘exports’ of his artistic vision. Others have mixed fashion and music in the past, but none more overtly controversial than West, it would seem.

So whether you like Kanye’s new blend of spring fashion wear, or just think its totally ridiculous, why not give his artistic determination a good grade?

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