Justin Bieber on his way to attain Michael Jackson fame

Justin Bieber : Worldwide fame

Michael Jackson's legacy lives on today with special events scheduled worldwide to celebrate the pop King's history but through the smoke and mirrors comes a new star : his name is Justin Bieber.

The worldwide success of Justin Bieber shows no limitations as the teenager becomes more than just a singer on youtube. Over the past few years we have seen the rise of youtube as a platform for young people, but never have we seen in today's pop culture someone with such a far reaching impact transitioning from the web space into a truly global phenomenon.

Justin Bieber has solidified himself as one of the world's most powerful entertainment figures. Internet statistics prove this alone, with global search volumes in excess of 30 million views per month. You can argue that this is more than just a fad, it's more than just a popularity contest. We are in the early years of this young star's career, but the Michael Jackson legacy and fame that we knew is being repeated again. This time, we're in the internet age adding a whole new dimension to the word 'fame'.

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Michael Jackson may have sold hundreds of millions of records, but he will never be able to reach as many people as Bieber will, because of the web. At 18, he is on his way to becoming the Michael Jackson of the young generation. It's early days to say that's set in stone, however seeing the growth of his artistry, and the way he has handled himself in the media, it's certain that nothing's impossible, and if he wants it, he can get it.

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