Justin Bieber triumphs over Piers Morgan, deport Petition tops 251,000

Piers Morgan beaten by Bieber

Not long ago Americans were demanding the deportation of British CNN host Piers Morgan but now Justin Bieber has gained so much support he's been beaten.

Piers Morgan managed to irritate 109,000 people to the point where they demanded action from the White House. They responded. Now however, we see a total obliteration of that records as the 'deport Justin Bieber Petition' now tops 251,000 signatures.

The White House will give an official response to the demands of Bieber haters who have urged the Government to revoke his green card and kick him out of the country.

While Piers Morgan continues his show on CNN, the media appear to be more interested in Bieber's antics off-camera which include his recent DUI, allegedly throwing eggs at a neighbor's house; and smoking marijuana on his private jet.

With such a big movement of voters calling for action, how can the White House respond favorably? It looks like Piers Morgan is going to have to try much harder to get more than double the amount of people to hate him before he stands a chance of being as un-adored as Justin Bieber.

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