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Analysis : Justin Bieber risks long-term damage to his brand


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Justin Bieber downfall

Justin Bieber's public image is at an all-time low, and there is a real risk that the singer could lose sponsorship deals and fan support as his antics get out of hand.

The young singer was recently arrested in Miami for drunk driving with an expired licence. To make matters worse, Bieber didn't initially cooperate with the arresting officer, and was accused of 'resisting without violence'. Bail was set at $2,500 and the singer may be given a short jail sentence term along with community service.

This news is a shocking downfall for the young singer who has been an idol to a generation of teens around the world. This is by far the most serious and unacceptable incident for his public image and we are likely to see a rebound effect from this in the coming days.

What makes things worse is that there's been a build up of antics that have put a negative spin on Bieber's image. From urinating in the snow to allegedly egging someone's house, these displays and reports of public disorder do no favors for him or his fans. In fact that kind of message is the total opposite of what team Bieber has built him up to be, and that's where my concern is.

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It's pretty obvious from my point of view that Justin Bieber needs to take a break, and lower his profile. Even a sit down with his team, his family and close friends would be a good idea, to get perspective on how people are perceiving this. There will always be Bieber haters, but when those who support him are also feeling let down, there's a real problem to address.

It's no secret that there's a lot of media pressure on Bieber right now, and at the age of 19 it comes as no surprise that he's going to want to rebel, or do silly things to ease it but the stakes are very high given his fame, and he doesn't have the luxury to go too far out of line. He is entitled to do it, and be himself, but Bieber is also a public facing brand, and his radically changing behavior won't align with other brands that endorse Bieber. They simply can`t afford to be seen as endorsing these kind of antics.

To put it bluntly, this is definitely not the Bieber I used to know and I hope for his sake, he'll do the right thing for all those who support him.

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