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Justin Bieber retirement announcement has a double meaning

Just as the new Justin Bieber movie 'Believe' comes out, the singer has announced he will officially retire however he has left an open door on what could prove to be an interesting twist to his announcement.

Bieber talked about his intentions to retire with Power 106 Radio earlier in December, stating that his next album would be his last but subsequent tweets and mixed messages may prove that his "official retirement" may have a different meaning.


The Believe Movie, a behind-the-scenes documentary that looks at the star's concert life from triumph to disaster, comes out today, and symbolizes an overview, or even a closing statement on the star's career up to this point. Bieber may have wanted to use this milestone as a way to signal an end to his music career, but perhaps not his entertainment career, after all, how can he go higher than number 1 in the charts?

At just 19 years old, Bieber has achieved more in a few short years than what most entertainers would ever hope to gain in a life-time. The young Youtube singer turned international star has become an icon for a young generation of fans, and perhaps this is the point where he's going to put his focus in another area. That area may have nothing to do with music at all.

One of Bieber's closest mentors is Will Smith, and the timing of this film release and his retirement may suggest a new direction. There's a lot Bieber has yet to achieve in Hollywood, and perhaps his retirement may be the start of a whole new chapter. At this point it's difficult to see why he would want to retire from his music, something that has given him so much, and kept him at his height but then again, does he need to keep doing it?

It looks like Bieber wants to keep us on edge with his announcement, and it may prove to be just a marketing gimmick, although this time, if it really is a joke, that's not going to help him in the future when he has something to say. The mostly likely case : He's about to tell us what he's retiring from, and where he's going to focus next.

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