Justin Bieber business venture fails


Justin Bieber marketing endorsement a flop

Singer Justin Bieber endorsed a drive safe, anti-texting phone software (PhoneGuard) back in 2011, but the deal has turned into disaster.

The teen sensation became a spokesman for the software under a special three-year contract with Options Media Group but the collaboration has proven to be less than stellar. Bizjournals reports that the CEO of the company, Scott Frohman, has resigned after a sales slump.

According to the article, the company lost $3.9 million on revenue of $1,333 up until the end of June 2012. Check out the original PSA ad that was made to promote the new software, which features Bieber and screaming fans. Did the video lack the viral power of other campaigns?

Justin Bieber PSA for Phoneguard

Bieber is currently ranked as the web's most powerful online celebrity but this latest deal puts into question the value of this type of endorsement. If the product isn't good, or popular, even Bieber can't make it work. Is Bieber to blame for its failure? Highly unlikely.

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