Justin Bieber attacked on stage in Dubai, Piano knocked over

Justin Bieber grabbed onstage

Singer Justin Bieber was performing at a concert in Dubai when a person attacked him from behind as he played the piano.

According to a report in the National, Bieber was playing the piano to his fans when a "youth in a white shirt and jeans" got on to the stage and grabed Bieber from behind.

Security then rushed to him as the attacker was grabbing hold of him. The piano which Bieber was playing on was also reportedly "knocked off its hinges".

Despite the security breach according to the National, Bieber and the band were able to resume the song after the attacker was taken off the stage.

It is unclear what the motives of the attacker were and how he was able to get so close to Bieber during his performance. The young star is frequently in the media and has millions of fans, as well as 'enemies' around the world. Was his performance just too much for one disgruntled Bieber hater?

More to follow..

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