Justin Bieber and Chris Brown 'Next 2 You' premiere

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown collaborate on 'Next 2 You' which got its premiere today on youtube.

The new music video with Brown and Bieber was 'leaked' to the web earlier this June with an unfinished rough cut. However, today, fans can get to see the real deal.

'Next 2 You' starts with a somber tone, with some chaotic scenes of destruction and explosions. Both artists struggle in the video to get back together with their loved ones after the 'end of the world' style event.

The theme of 2012 is more popular than ever before, with countless predictions, not just from the ancient Mayan prophecy, that the world will go through a significant shift next year.

Justin Bieber on twitter :

"it's here. #NEXT2YOU ...from singing @chrisbrown's WITH YOU in my apartment to this...#DREAMBIG. thanks. #epic -"

What do you think of their new collaboration?

Justin Bieber & Chris Brown - Next 2 You Music Video

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