Just in : Apple fires maps manager after bad debut for iPhone 5


Apple maps failure

Early reports are coming in that Apple has fired their maps manager after glitches with the software hurt the iPhone 5 debut and the reputation of the brand.

Apple maps have long be plagued by glitches and poor navigation. In fact, at one point it was so bad that even Apple encouraged its own customers to use Google maps instead.

Whether this latest piece of news is just a rumour is yet unclear. The origin of the news comes from Bloomberg TV but there is no other information at this time.

We will provide more on this story as it develops...


Bloomberg has just issued a release which states that Apple had not yet made the firing public :

"Richard Williamson, who oversaw the mapping team, was fired by Senior Vice President Eddy Cue, said the people, who asked not to be named because the information wasn’t yet public."

Apple's troubled maps service has damaged its credibility and has long been a subject of parody and criticism. Apple maps was intended to be a credible alternative to Google Maps but has failed quite remarkably to take hold of the market. Whether the technology behind Apple maps can be improved is another question. Is there a future for Apple maps on the iPhone?

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