Jon Voight gives feedback to Piers Morgan on Clint Eastwood speech

Jon Voight tells it as it is

Piers Morgan interviewed Jon Voight at the RNC after Clint Eastwood stole the show with his 'iconic' speech.

It's making the rounds in the media and has topped Romney's address as a highlight. Some think he went mad, but others can't thank him enough.

Eastwood has been one of Hollywood's most renowned figures since the 50s. At 82 , Eastwood came out in full support of Mitt Romney and decided to make a rare speech to support his candidate.

There is a big divide in Hollywood, although Obama tends to have a larger support base in the entertainment industry.

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Jon Voight gave a resoundingly upbeat assessment of Clint's speech, and highlighted the fact that the left would make negative criticisms of what he said (whether it was good or bad).

Jon Voight responds to Piers Morgan

"He's a guy who doesn't do a lot of public speaking…you know…he's a kind of a shy fella."

"Well it was very entertaining for the people who were there"

"Only Clint can do what he did"

Piers Morgan highlighted how Eastwood had ad-libbed most of the speech, which Voight was thrilled with. He responded:

"Bravo man…That's the greatest. It's a lot of fun…he's really going for it."

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