Jon Stewart isn't laughing : The sh#t is serious

When Jon Stewart stops making jokes on Comedy Central you know the Eric Garner case is dead serious.

Jon Stewart took some time to address viewers on 'The Daily Show' to reference the Eric Garner case which has shocked and disgusted the whole country.

In fact, Stewart's blunt reference to the video added extra pressure on the NYPD in face of national outrage and mounting protests. The host laid out the painful truth, that the facts were there for all to see, and how the video footage proved without ambiguity the unlawful death of Garner.

"I honestly don't Know what to say."

Stewart's decision to avoid comedy and stick to the issues of this video was notable, and he isn't the only one speaking out about this tragedy. Film director Spike Lee created a video in response to the Garner's death.

Chris Rock, Alyssa Milano, Piers Morgan, and others went on tweet sprees to voice their condemnation. Even Fox News hosts were not agreeing with the Grand Jury's decision and across all political divides, Americans are united in disgust on this verdict.

To add to the urgency, not a single national broadcaster, or entertainment figure has publicly backed the Grand Jury's decision over the death of Eric Garner.

Something has to change. Stewart is making this loud and this is only the beginning.

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