JoJo’s 'Disaster' music video

Jojo Disaster

Hello readers! It’s Ceej here. Recently, one of my long-time favorite artists, JoJo, released the official music video for her newest single, 'Disaster.' Many of you might know her from her roles in movies like 'Aquamarine' and 'RV' with Robin Williams or her old song hits, 'Leave (Get Out),' 'Too Little Too Late,' and 'Baby It’s You.' She has come a long way since coming across label trouble for the past couple of years. She has now hit the ground running with her tour mates Joe Jonas and Jay Sean.

JoJo has also established herself as another fellow singer-songwriter and claims to have pulled from personal experience for the video and writing of the single, 'Disaster.' Her new music is also accompanied by a new transformation. The once brown-haired singer is now sporting long, jet-black hair with edgier clothing to match her music and maturity.

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