Johnny Knoxville most bankable Reality TV star at the cinema

Johnny Knoxville rose to fame in 2000 with hit MTV series Jackass but the Reality TV star has achieved incredible success, including a box office 3D smash.

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Jackass 3D was the highest grossing film ever to be released in the fall raking in over $169 million at the international and domestic box office. This included a $50 million weekend opening for Paramount Pictures. What sets Johnny Knoxville apart from other stars, is that his commentary and leadership style is very subtle and the audience can relate to him.

Almost like a narrator or TV host, Johnny Knoxville has strong charisma, and was a wise choice to star in MTV s Jackass series, which has a huge cult following, particularly in the US and UK.

Jackass 3D , the first reality TV series to be made into 3D packed more box office punch than the recent superhero smash Green Hornet starring Seth Rogen.

TV ratings are also up across US cable networks and series like Glee, Tosh.0 and Jersey Shore have huge and growing fan bases. It is likely Hollywood will take note that future blockbusters are films or documentary features made from a reality TV series.

There is no denying that many will not like this idea (including James Cameron) but the lure of a sequel or film project with a large existing fan base, is what investors will prioritize in this economy.

Whereas Johnny Knoxville is not the Leonardo DiCaprio or the Brad Pitt of the film industry, the Reality TV star and his Jackass crew are earning more at the Box Office than their Hollywood counterparts.

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