Johnny Depp wins at Venice but Sienna Miller cut out of film

Johnny Depp's latest outing in "Black Mass" has premiered at this year's Venice Film Festival while actress Sienna Miller was cut out of the film.

The hype for "Black Mass" had been building over the summer ever since the first trailer for the movie hit the web showing Johnny Depp's dark interpretation of notorious mobster Whitey Bulger. All indicators show this is going to be a big success when it hits theaters later on September 18th. Actress Sienna Miller however was notably absent from the film. In fact, her role as Whitey Bulger's girlfriend was cut out completely from the final edit. The decision to do so was explained by director Scott Cooper who said that the scope of the story had to be narrowed, despite her "fantastic" performance opposite Depp.

Miller had reportedly worked with a dialect coach to train for her role which required a perfect Boston accent. Unfortunately her character didn't make the final cut, which can happen to any actor during post-production.

The Venice Film Festival will run till the 12th September. Other films screened today included "Francofonia," "Marguerite" and "In Jackson Heights."

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