Johnny Depp in The Rum Diary could be his best role yet

We are getting overly excited about Johnny Depp playing in the upcoming Hunter S. Thompson novel adaptation 'The Rum Diary' but who isn't?

Depp's interpretation of Paul Kemp, a divorced alcoholic and LSD experimenting failed journalist is just perhaps the coolest story premise of the year. After seeing 'Blow', 'Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas' and the lunacy of even Disney's Jack Sparrow, Depp is the man to take characters to the extreme and make them cult-worthy.

From witnessing the chaos in 'Fear and Loathing' opposite Benicio Del Toro, its obvious why Depp is the perfect actor to adapt the role of a divorced alcoholic, working for a newspaper that's practically finished. Of course he has to be burning time in San Juan of all places to add to the mystery in what could be his best role of this decade. The Rum Diary is also directed by none other than Bruce Robinson who made the 1987 masterpiece 'Withnail & I'.

The Rum Diary trailer

Will you be watching Johnny Depp taking drugs and alcohol to new cinematic heights? (not that we approve of the abuse, but its definitely entertainment at it's best)

The Rum Diary will be released on October 28th nationwide

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