Johnny Depp is getting the Mel Gibson treatment

Johnny Depp is facing the same media scrutiny that destroyed Mel Gibson’s reputation and we don't even know the facts.

Depp’s ongoing legal battle with Amber Heard has been the subject of much media interest following allegations of abuse and more revelations about his alleged improper behavior. For all we know, this could be an engineered PR war that is currently attempting to make the actor look like a monster, however, we can’t ignore domestic violence or the word of someone who is legitimately facing abuse.

What has been revealed is that Amber Heard is in financial difficulty and is supposedly paying $10,000 a month on entertainment and vacations, and an additional $10,000 a month on attorney fees and a publicist according to CNN. If these numbers are true, why is the actress outspending her income on someone to promote her in the media and entertainment luxuries? Secondly, Depp has been quiet throughout these allegations and we don’t know yet any facts about the incidents in question where abuse has been alleged.

According to two security guards, Depp was nowhere near Heard during the alleged altercation with Amber Heard that led to a visit by the LAPD. It was then confirmed that there was no evidence that Heard had sustained injury. At the time, Heard did not file a report against Depp to the police either.

Recently a story in Entertainment Tonight highlights a text message that suggests Depp’s assistant was apologizing to Heard on his behalf before they were married over an incident where he allegedly kicked her. The basis of the story is a screenshot submitted by an anonymous source that the site acknowledges it can’t even verify. Depp’s name never gets mentioned.

Thanks to the story there are now hundreds of articles circulating the web using this information to further distort any sensible conclusion of what Depp has or hasn’t done. If this were to be real it should be used in court as evidence rather than sent out to magazine editors to publish. Again, who is behind that leak and what’s the intent of it?

All of these stories are essentially baseless and don’t prove any wrongdoing from Depp or Amber Heard for that case. It should be dealt with in the courts and anything else is just theory. It’s shameful that people are trying to tear down Johnny Depp and Amber Heard for that matter. It’s none of our business and it does nothing to help victims of domestic violence either.

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