Johnny Depp faces up to 10 years in jail

Johnny Depp in "Black Mass"

Actor Johnny Depp could face a steep prison sentence of up to 10 years for illegally bringing his two dogs to Australia after having failed to declare them.

Depp's two dogs, Pistol and Boo could land him with a hefty fine as well that could be as much as $265,000.

Australia has strict importing rules for animals and the case regarding Depp's alleged illegal act of importing his dogs without declaration is being taken very seriously.

Since the Australian authorities announced that the two dogs would be put down if they weren't removed, Depp's wife Amber Heard has returned to the US with the two terriers.

The case has been referred to in Senate Committee hearings.

Depp has been filming "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" in Australia, and reprises his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the search for the trident of Poseidon.

The fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie will be released in July 2017. The actor also appears later this year in "Black Mass," which comes out in September nationwide.

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