John Travolta charges : "Accusers in every state"

John Travolta has been hit with fresh allegations of sexual battery from 2 male masseurs. The ‘Grease’ star is being sued for more than $2 million in seperate lawsuits for groping, assault and sexual harassment.

According to a report in Radar Online, this is just the first of many potential lawsuits, numbering up to 100 individual cases according to Okorie Okorocha, the attorney representing the unidentified masseurs.

Despite this, Travolta’s attorney Marty Singer has strongly denied the accusations and will likely countersue for ‘malicious prosecution’.

Due to the nature of this lawsuit it is impossible to verify the legitimacy of the claims without having firsthand information however, it would seem that Travolta was not even in the state at the time of the alleged assault, according to several online journals

Stars are frequently accused of sexual harassment, misconduct and other crimes. In 2011 singer P Diddy was sued for $1 trillion by a woman who accused him of plotting the 911 attacks. It’s unfortunate that people go to these lengths to sue others, however stars are not always proven innocent. We will wait to see how this develops.

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