Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson s 'The Beaver' delayed

The Beaver directed by Jodie Foster and starring Mel Gibson has been delayed and will now play at cinemas in May instead of March.

Originally scheduled for a March limited release, the film will still get its world premiere at the SXSW, for now. The reason for the cinema release delay is because Jodie Foster won t have time to promote the movie as she is currently shooting a film in Europe. Despite the delay, it is not a sign of trouble for The Beaver , which is starting to see some hype ahead of SXSW.

Mel Gibson s interpretation of a man who uses a hand puppet to communicate to people could bring some good fortunes to the actor who faced what many were quick to say as the end of his career . Even though Mel Gibson fans eagerly anticipate his onscreen comeback, there are still some who would rather not see him return to screen after the leaked rant in 2010.

Whatever happens until its release, The Beaver is sure to be an interesting tale. Jodie Foster in the director s seat had nothing but praise for Mel Gibson s professionalism throughout the shoot.

The Beaver Trailer

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