Jim Carrey confesses love to Emma Stone on webcam video

Jim Carrey has gone viral with a new video blog where he confesses his admiration and love for 22-year old actress Emma Stone.

The stunt is getting rave reviews from fans and bloggers as Carrey shows his ‘true nature’ in the video. Although we are used to the lighter side of Carrey’s alter-ego in the movies, the actor shows his sensitive side like never before in the post.

Jim Carrey :

"If I were a lot younger, I would marry you and we would have chubby little freckle faced kids”.

The romantic message to Emma Stone is quite unlike anything we have seen, and could encourage other celebrities to try daring video shout outs in the future. So far, many in Hollywood and elsewhere in the entertainment business have been reluctant to show too much of their personal life, but where they have failed, Jim Carrey will succeed.


The question we should ask now is whether Emma Stone will react to it, send a video response or ignore it? However, this message is just too ‘loud’ to be ignored. What’s it going to be Emma?

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