Jet Li Charity One Foundation may close

SHANGHAI, China - Action star Jet Li may be forced to close his charity 'One Foundation' in the coming weeks after 3 years of operation.

The 'Hero' star admitted in an interview with CCTV that the Charity "Is like a 3-year-old child, healthy but lacking an ID card. Soon he [the kid] will be questioned by those who seek more transparency and professionalism in China's charity development."

Jet Li admitted that the legal identity of his Charity was not clear, as when it was established in 2007 to raise money for the official Red Cross Society of China, but without an independent bank account. In China, charities have to be accredited with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and attached to an official foundation that is already in operation.

Due to the nature of Chinese law, the department looking at the application is reluctant to give the Charity a status as privately established NGOs are risky. Jet Li also mentioned in his latest interview that he would step down and hand over duties to a management committee should the Charity be allowed to continue operations without the Red Cross.

The One Foundation has so far not been able to use any of the funds it has raised through private donations as it is still not official recognized. The money raised for the Red Cross in China has gone to help victims of Earthquakes and other environmental disasters.

Other stars in China to have set up their own foundations include Jackie Chan, who has raised millions to help young people in Hong Kong, children and the elderly in remote parts of China through the Dragon Heart Foundation and recently for victims of the Haiti Earthquake.

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