Jessica Alba wants you to be employed

Jessica Alba is reaching out to young people to help push an initiative to create one million new national service jobs.

Writing in her Huffington Post blog, Alba discussed the importance of giving young people the opportunity to develop their skills, which will also benefit them in other areas including mental fitness and personal wellbeing. This will also bring communities together and build a better future for talented young entrepreneurs who need an extra helping hand.

With a lingering crisis in America and Europe, campaigns such as the 'One Million New Jobs intiative' are creating an emphasis on building a sustainable future. After all, if we don’t invest in our youth today, who will be creating the new jobs tomorrow?

Alba also makes a valid point about mounting student debts and the fact that there are no jobs for talented graduates. It’s evident that a national scheme would create a momentum for young people to realize their goals and ultimately boost the economy by building innovation, new industries and helping young people become the employers of the future.

Jessica Alba discusses One Million New Jobs initiative

"I see the challenges young Americans currently face -- mounting student loan debt, underemployment and even unemployment. I think about what this could mean for all our children, and I know I want them to have a better, brighter future.” - Blog

You can sign the petition addressed to President Obama and Governor Romney which aims to get 1 million signatures.

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