Jerry Brown terminates Schwarzenegger, what next?

SACRAMENTO, USA - Arnold Schwarzenegger steps down in one of the defining moments of Californian political history that saw an Austrian born citizen become Governor.

After conquering the world of bodybuilding, winning the Mr Universe contest, and becoming Hollywood s highest paid star, Arnie took Sacramento in 2003, carrying out 2 full terms as Governor.

Fans of the action star turned politician are wondering what he will do next, as the anticipation mounts for an action comeback, after meeting Jim Cameron about a potential 'movie project.'

Arnold for President?

With solid credentials despite leaving his tenancy with less popularity than George Bush, Schwarzenegger has often been linked to a presidential bid. This however, would require an amendment to the U.S constitution.

Although Arnold has the contacts, and experience to be a presidential candidate, it is not likely an easy path should he choose it, for the idea of The Terminator doesn t ring well with many votes.

On the big screen, Arnie has the potential to revitalize a fan base hungry for big action, funny one-liners and wooden but memorable characters. Let s see what happens.

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