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Jeremy Irvine, James Fulcher launch £10,000 fund for screenwriters

Actor Jeremy Irvine (War Horse) and producer James Fulcher are looking for scripts to produce, offering up to £10,000 funding for the right project.

Irvine, who plays the lead in Spielberg's 'War Horse' has co-founded a new production company with producer James Fulcher called Racing Heart Films. The duo are searching for top screenwriting talent to submit short film scripts with up to £10,000 of funding available.

Screenwriters who are successful with their submissions will be contacted directly by Racing Heart Films to discuss the production aspects of the film. There is no official deadline stated from the production company but the search has been promoted through their official Twitter account for the past several weeks.

If you want to submit your script along with synopsis and concept to be considered send it as an attachment to the following email :


Please note : Film Industry Network is not affiliated with this competition and it is recommended you protect your scripts before submitting to any online contest.


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