Jeremy Clarkson releases video statement over N-word

BBC Presenter Jeremy Clarkson has released a video statement tonight, promoting it on his official Twitter page following the allegations regarding his use of the N-word.

Clarkson was filming for his BBC show 'Top Gear' when he recited 3 times, a children's nursery rhyme, but footage apparently showed him using the N-word in one of the takes, which he has denied.

In a sign of growing media attention over his alleged use of the word, Clarkson tonight released a video to his 3+ million followers to explain in detail what had happened.

According to the Guardian, Downing Street issued a rebuke over the use of the word in any context while the BBC has not sacked Clarkson, despite calls for him to resign.

It is unclear whether Clarkson will face questioning over the incident but if you take a look at the video, he does go to lengths to be as transparent as possible on the issue. Do you think he was out of line?

The video has been viewed nearly 400,000 times since it was uploaded just over an hour ago.

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