Jennifer Lopez, Flo Rida and cheryl Cole release new music videos

New music videos released this week

Jennifer Lopez, Flo Rida and Cheryl Cole feature in new music videos released this week.

Starting with Cheryl Cole's 'Under The Sun', the British singer begins the tempo of her video by seducing men in a tight skirt. The story evolves as she goes out into the street and flirts with fashionable men wearing suits and bowler hats. As she passes the town, the schoolgirls look at her with jealousy and then we transition into a cut scene with a dance co-ordination. The video is a light-hearted montage which also gives a reference to 'Singing in the rain'.

Cheryl Cole Under The Sun Video

Jennifer Lopez takes her lips to new heights in her dance hit 'Goin' In' with Flo Rida. Encrusted with gems she sings to the backdrop of laser lights intercut with slow motion shots of 'stuff breaking'.

The video also features close ups of milkshakes thrown in the air, and men in suits and…bowler hats. On top there is a classic 'Snoop Dogg' moment with a bouncing car. Flo Rida then bursts into the scene illuminated by a bling bling backdrop and more cuts of crazy lights

Jennifer Lopez - Goin' In Featuring Flo Rida

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