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Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth : The most valuable stars?

Young Hollywood stars the most valuable

The huge success of 'The Hunger Games : Catching Fire' has ignited the international box office with stars Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth comfortably drawing audiences to theaters in multiple territories but what is their value?

Are young Hollywood stars the most 'valuable' actors in the market today? As studios look to broaden the market base for their releases with wider appeal do films like 'The Hunger Games : Catching Fire' depend on young actors who can appeal to moviegoers? In one answer yes, and that's what clearly makes it so important to get the right actors to play these roles.

Just a couple of weeks back we heard about the casting of the new Star Wars film in the UK and in the US. They were looking for young actors to interpret some of the main roles in the Star Wars 7, which could be the biggest movie ever made, we just don't know yet.

However, what we do know is right now, is that Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence will be in very high demand following the success of this sequel, and as their fan base grows worldwide, it's quite possible that they will be the most bankable in Hollywood in the coming years.

Best of luck to them in their careers!

Hunger Games : The Sequel

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