Jean Dujardin tries to outwit George Clooney in cheesy new ad

Jean Dujardin and George Clooney star in a new Nespresso ad that amplifies the scent of French cheese to new intoxicating heights.

Filmed in Cernobbio, Italy, Clooney and Dujardin make their glorious on-screen debut to excite the fans of Nespresso, and continue the classic tradition of the ads, featuring sophistication mixed with obvious puns and some light humor.

This time round, both stars attempt to out-shine one another starting with their choice of shoes. Dujardin then has the upper-hand with the ladies but following a prank by Clooney, he swims out into the lake to get his precious drink back.

As the ad draws to a close, Dujardin again attempts to re-take the initiative after a proper soaking by trying to say Clooney's catchphrase : "Nespresso what else?" Except of course, he fails.

Jean Dujardin gets soaked thanks to George Clooney's prank

Often described as the 'George Clooney of France' it was only a matter of time before Dujardin (The Artist) was invited to participate in the Nespresso legacy. Could this be the greatest ever casting?

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