Jean-Claude Van Damme responds to Cecil the Lion outrage

Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme has issued a letter to his fans following the disgraceful killing of Cecil the Lion.

American dentist Walter Palmer from Minnesota caused international outrage when he shot dead a famous African lion in Zimbabwe. The entertainment industry responded with many celebs calling for prosecution, and asking for bold action to protect wildlife.

Jean-Claude Van Damme was among those disgusted by the killing of Cecil while the UN and the US vowed to take stronger action to protect endangered animals.

In a post to his fans on Facebook, Van Damme said:

Copyright JCVD

Copyright JCVD

You all know how much do I love animals because they are part of our planet...our home. Animals have souls and feelings just like us! I find hurting an animal or killing it for no reason a coward act and a major crime.

Cecil the lion was another victim of animal cruelty, and, I am so ashamed of people who commit such disgraceful acts. Let us try to end this evil game and help WildCRU with the conservation of lions
Thank you very much for your support.


Jean-Claude Van Damme

A new video also emerged this week featuring a remix of 1994 classic "The Lion King," entitled "The Retribution of Cecil." At just under 90 seconds the video is dubbed and highlights the death of Cecil.

"His dad was shot with an arrow from a dentist in Minnesota!"

Tonight it has also been reported although not yet confirmed that another lion, possibly the brother of Cecil has been injured or killed. A Park official allegedly spoke with CNN stating that a hunter had killed Jericho, another lion in Zimbabwe. The fallout and international backlash has put the country in the spotlight and it faces mounting criticism over the way it has handled the case.

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