Jean-Claude Van Damme's online fame at highest point ever

Van Damme fame boost

Action man Jean-Claude Van Damme AKA The Muscles from Brussels is officially at the highest point of his online fame since trend records began.

Thanks to Van Damme's most "Epic of splits", he has become an internet sensation in the last quarter of 2013, catapulting his worldwide fame to new heights. Google Trends have revealed that since 2004, Van Damme has never reached such a huge global audience, and in the aftermath of his new cult video, that fame has exploded.

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This past week an homage video was created that parodies Van Damme's epic split, starring a CGI Chuck Norris, who does the splits between two military aircraft in an incredibly over-the-top performance. However it is pale in comparison to the original video, which was real stunt, unlike this animated version. However, the video has surged to nearly 20 million views in just a few days which shows just how big the cult value of the original is.

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With every new video that is created off the back of the 'Epic Split', Van Damme's success spirals. The actor, most recently seen in 'Expendables 2' has a string of movies in the works, but the action star has a bigger potential in Hollywood. It's been a while since we've seen him in a leading role in a big Hollywood movie. Is it time for Van Damme to make the comeback he deserves? Fighting Stallone in 'Expendables 2' was certainly a career highlight for the actor, and the film's success has ensured the third will be just as anticipated.

See below the trend spike for Van Damme this year compared to the last decade (2004-2013)


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