Jean Claude Van Damme fan page passes 5 million

© Jean Claude Van Damme

JCVD global fan base grows

We've seen the unbelievable and real stunt Jean Claude Van Damme performed for Volvo Trucks, but now we're also seeing a surge in Van Damme fans on the web.

Jean Claude Van Damme's official fan page has sailed past the 5 million mark, with the latest news story featured on the front of the page.

With over 11000 likes in just the past 2 hours, and 80000 since this morning it's clear that the Van Damme display of action flexibility has gone down well with the global fan base. The creativity and style of the stunt video is also impressive and creates a new standard, and also sets a benchmark for future commercials that want to break out.

It had been reported that the stunt was 100% live and real, but it was not as dangerous as it looked on camera. However that hasn't stopped a resurgence in Van Damme's online appeal. We rarely see action stars performing live stunts in commercials in this kind of way so it's an extra added bonus that this was done for real, and not in a green screen studio.

What will this mean for the future of Van Damme's career? Is this the beginning of a new and improved Hollywood comeback?

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