Japan Fukushima 50 heroes in the eyes of the media

The media plays a major role in how we interpret events, but as the Japan nuclear crisis continues, another story of heroism becomes louder.

Heroic efforts by the nuclear power plant workers to continue their grueling task in highly radioactive conditions have shined a light on Japan s resilience and determination. From the respect and dignity the Japanese people have shown in such adverse and horrific times, to the bravery of all who stand in the way of a nuclear catastrophe, it is unprecedented. Even the Japanese Self Defense forces who have combined their efforts is very moving.

Just when the situation appears to be at its critical worst, the media have realized that the bigger story is the one that will bring Japan through. The brave men and women at Fukushima who are fighting for the lives of their country, with their self sacrifice has given hope to millions.

Headline Reaction to Japan nuclear plant heroes

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