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James Franco and Seth Rogen cancel all media interviews

Following today's escalated threat against Sony and moviegoers, James Franco and Seth Rogen have pulled out of all planned media interviews.

Up to the release of 'The Interview' Sony has faced piling pressure from everyone, including disturbing threats issued by the hackers themselves about the film's release and people's risk in seeing it.

The news comes just a few hours after the latest threat received today was made public. Due to the sensitive nature of the film's subject matter, and the ongoing investigation into the hack, it would seem the film's producer's are not taking any chances.

While Seth Rogen and James Franco have been actively promoting their latest film, today's decision to cancel interviews came without warning.

With the increasingly dire situation for Sony Pictures along with a class action lawsuit filed today by several employees, the studio has never faced such a profound crisis however it is not being aided by the fact many documents illegally obtained have been published in the news.

It is unclear whether Franco and Rogen will now make public appearances for 'The Interview' leading up to Christmas.

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