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Have you read this poem written by James Franco?

North Korea has yet to threaten war against James Franco's latest poetry book 'Directing Herbert White' but plenty of critics at home have been happy to verbally destroy it.

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What's even more interesting about this latest 'vanity project' is the fact that the book came out in March yet critics forgot it existed (Did someone forget to pay the PR company on time?).

Nevermind that. Here's the actual book. If you dare to buy it, you might just be making the investment of a lifetime...

Franco's poetry illustrates just how good he is at not writing a press release for himself. Directing Herbert White illustrates a range of talents that Franco has along with his own proverbial reflection, a film festival tribute and an homage to Heath Ledger.

While the actor may triumph on the big screen, it's hard to see how his poetry can receive equal critical acclaim when it starts out like this:


Because I played a Knight,
And was on screen,
Because I made a million dollars,
Because I was handsome,
Because I had a nice car,
A bunch of girls seemed to like me..

Hold on it gets better…Wait for it:

But I never met those girls,
I only heard about them.
The only people I saw were the ones who hated me,
And there were so many of those people,
It was easy to forget about the people who I heard
Liked me, and sh**, they were all f***ing fourteen-year-olds.

And then he turns up the charm with this :

And I holed up in my place and read my life away,
And I watched a million movies, twice,
And I didn't understand them any better.

Ok then it gets real deep. You know, like 100% mysterious:

But because I played a knight,
Because I was handsome,

This was the life I made for myself…

Oh yeah, this is art and of course, it goes on, but you've read enough..Do you think critics were harsh with their judgement? It certainly has a quality to it...

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