James Dudelson's Blairwood entertainment partners with Nominé Films

Cannes, FRANCE - Blairwood Entertainment, the shingle fronted by industry veteran James Dudelson, has made an alliance with French producers and distributors Nominé Films. Headed by founders Raphael Nominé and Garance Sallé, Nominé Films will act as acquisition agents for Blairwood Entertainment, having secured a first-look deal as well for their original projects.

Nominé Films, who also front some of the largest filmmakers’ networks in Europe- the Cineaste.org, Collectif Prod and Diners de Garance, brings to the table their award-winning clients such as Buffalo Corp’s Matthieu Lalande (well-known for their buzz-worthy shorts “The Man That Never Loses”, “Haiku” and “Survivor’s Chronicles”) as well as a their product.

“I think with that with our alliance with Nominé Films, Blairwood begins to expand their presence in Europe, as well as accomplish another goal, the start of a short films division” – said James Dudelson

Blairwood Entertainment and Nominé Films are participating at the 2011 MIF.

Blairwood Entertainment are at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival in Le Palais LERINS R1.

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