James Bond star Daniel Craig reveals his preferred sex scene

Not the kind of Bond girl romance

While 'Skyfall' demolishes records around the world, it's star Daniel Craig recently revealed his favourite onscreen sex scene.

It doesn't have the panache quite to the tune of locking lips and hips with a Bond girl, but it's definitely an interesting character study.

According to the Sun Magazine, Craig's preferred sizzling moment was back in 2003 in the romantic drama 'The Mother', starring Anne Reid. Yes, she was in fact a pensioner in the film, and the mother of his girlfriend in the script. The sex scene Craig performed was his personal best. At the time of the production Craig was only 33, and Anne Reid was 68 years old.

Sometimes the most rewarding performances are the ones that provide the most intrigue, and pulling them off can be much more difficult particularly as our culture doesn't look too kindly towards it.

Daniel Craig stated that :

“It’s the first time I’ve heard a Cannes festival audience gasp at a scene.”

The latest Bond movie 'Skyfall' recently broke the UK's seven-day box office record earning more than £180 million around the world in just 10 days.

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