Jaden Smith vs Willow Smith vs Will and Jada Pinkett in 2011?

Will Smith's hugely successful family could be in for some friendly competition as everyone tries to out compete each other this year in film and music.

While Will has made his impact felt around the world on the big screen, his son, Jaden Smith, is already making huge box office dollars with the recent Karate Kid outing and has plans for more movies.

Competing with Jaden for the spotlight, Willow s success continues to mount with a successful single 'Whip My Hair' and is also signed to music mogul and rapper Jay Z's Roc Nation label.

On top of that, Will Smith is making the big action screen comeback in Men In Black 3, with Tommy Lee Jones, to send some more aliens packing.

Is there any more this family can do to become more famous than each other?

Jada Pinkett is playing one of the most important roles in the entire competition line up, trying to keep the family together as a loving parent. While Jada has been seen less in the media than the other 3 in the family, she is vital to the success of both Jaden and Willow, and for that matter Will.

We will wait to see what the Smith's have in stall for us this year. One thing is for sure, it is sure to be witnessed on a large scale.

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