Jaden Smith more powerful at the box office than Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber ensured a strong box office tally for 'Never Say Never' but Jaden Smith still holds an edge over the singer.

When The Karate Kid came out, critics were pleasantly surprised by Will s son who packed a punch at the box office with a $50 million + weekend.

Fast forward to this weekend and Bieber s Never Say Never earned a healthy $30 million + but failed to beat Adam Sandler to get the number one spot. However, critics will be quick to notice that despite this, the pop sensation has done incredibly well.

Never Say Never comes out ahead of Valentine s day, it s a documentary, and manages to almost beat a box office master, Adam Sandler. This kid is only 16 years old yet nearly dethrones a veteran after one movie, and its not even a feature film! Ok maybe we are getting too excited, but the studios must be ecstatic at this performance.

Jaden Smith may still be a bigger box office lure for now, but The Karate Kid remake was a classic rebirth, had Jackie Chan, and the Will Smith panache behind it to ensure its success.

Lets see if these two can t come up with some fresh onscreen.

Justin Bieber Never Say Never trailer

Jaden Smith The Karate Kid trailer

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