Jackie Chan nearly drowned on the set of his latest film

Actor Jackie Chan has revealed that he narrowly avoided death during the production of his latest film “Skiptrace” directed by Renny Harlin.

The action star was performing a stunt on a raft when a torrent of water overturned him and he admitted that he couldn’t swim, nor could the film crew get to him. The actor said he only managed to save himself when the water turned the raft back to him. “It was horrifying.”

In 2014, a cinematographer was killed on the same production when a crew boat capsized and was unable to swim to safety.

Chan almost died on the set of “Armor of God” back in 1986 after he performed a stunt that involved leaping from a tree onto a ledge. The branch snapped as he grabbed on after his jump, sending him crashing to the ground. The actor cracked his skull open and required emergency surgery.

No stranger to dangerous acrobatics, Chan has taken considerable risks throughout his career creating highly entertaining action sequences, often involving over-the-top stunts and comedic fight scenes.

Skiptrace trailer

“Skiptrace” will be released this July and also stars Johnny Knoxville and Chinese actress Bingbing Fan (Iron Man 3).

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