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Jackie Chan fan base grows by 30,000 a day online : Here's how

Jackie Chan is gaining huge momentum on social media thanks to his efforts in engaging with his fans, but how is he getting 30,000 a day!?

Film Industry Network recently analysed how Will Smith and Vin Diesel's social media presence had an impact on their latest movie releases. There is a lot to be said about how fan bases are growing, and why some of these big stars including Jackie Chan are able to get such a big following. Jackie Chan's Facebook page alone is currently gathering almost 30,000 new fans on a daily basis, so let's look at how this is even possible.

Before I go further in revealing to you what's helping Jackie's fan base grow, let's take a look at his social stats as of right now (more to read below!).

Jackie Chan fan stats

That's pretty impressive so far. Wouldn't you guys like to get that kind of following? Ok, so lets look now at some of the important factors that are affecting this growth, and helping Jackie raise his social media presence online.

Films in circulation : The social excuse

Jackie Chan has been in over 100 films. Those films are constantly in circulation on platforms around the world from Netflix to TV, Cable and other formats like DVD and Blu-ray. Distributors are marketing those films, and Jackie's name is never too far away from our eyeballs. As film has become more social in recent years, people like to discuss them in person and on social media. This includes sharing pictures or video clips of their favourite actors in particular scenes. This in turn brings people to look for Jackie's social presence online, to see what he's up to, and to connect with his latest activity.

Search online : The demand of the fans

Expanding from the previous point, Jackie Chan's films have created a demand for Jackie Chan. There are people searching every day for Jackie Chan related topics from biographies, to his top movies list, and even personal height. In the past, fan sites provided a resource for supporters who wanted to find out more, but social media evolved the game, and gave the stars an opportunity to go one step further to revealing who they are.

Emotional connection : The characters he plays

Jackie Chan movies have a certain style and people relate to them differently. When you watch a character on screen, you become emotionally connected to their performance, but often you are intrigued to find out more about the actor. Jackie's talents in martial arts gives him an edge, and his incredible stunt work is one of the reasons people want to find out more about him. Through that emotional connection, people are more engaged with Jackie, and want to find out how he does it, and what he's doing next. This also ties in with people's personal goals in life, and wanting to find out how to excel in their own way by learning from him.

Active on social media

Jackie Chan fans can immediately see what their favourite star is up to. They can even engage with him, and talk with other like-minded fans through social media to share their views on him. Jackie's social activity helps him connect beyond the screen. He's listening to his fans, sharing with them what he's doing, and bringing them on his personal journey. That activity, and dedication to keeping that open discussion, is winning him a huge following, and because social is viral, he's getting a lot of follows thanks to the most loyal supporters promoting him!

Lastly : Jackie is giving back

Jackie Chan is constantly giving back. He does a lot of charity work, concerts, and gets involved with the community. That community, which by the way, is also part of his fan base, can get involved with him offline. That in turn brings about more positive change in society, and bigger positive numbers in followers when people go back online to get his updates.

So there you have it! Those are some of the important factors contributing to the growth of Jackie's fan base.


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