Jackie Chan, 100 films later is a legend in the making

Jackie Chan’s latest historical epic ‘1911’ will be his 100th film which marks a milestone in a sensational career spanning several decades. From thrilling action to death defying stunts, Jackie Chan has been at the forefront of fight choreography and live action. His films have often included a mixture of big laughs and sometimes shall we say ‘over the top’ creative stunts that have kept audiences coming back for more.

Chan is unlike any other action star, as he has not only captured the hearts of his fellow countrymen in China, but the actor has also dominated the box office in the west with his action outings in hits such as the Rush Hour franchise. The ‘east meets west’ culture has grown into a phenomenon at the box office and Chan has pioneered this shift with his movies including the 2000 outing with Owen Wilson in 'Shanghai Noon'. Over 10 years later, many modern day action films now include some form of kung fu and martial arts element.

Rush Hour starring Chris Tucker

This past year, Jackie Chan once again took his creativity to the big screen along with Hollywood actor turned producer Will Smith in ‘The Karate Kid’ remake where he took the master role, helping out young Jaden Smith become a fighter. The classic re-boot was a huge success, earning over $50 million in the first 4 days of its release.

Karate Kid Starring Jaden Smith

With a special opening at the Tokyo Film Festival in October, ‘1911’ brings Chan back to the Chinese Revolution, which he co-directed with Zhang Li and also produced.

After a long career of inspiring films, and touching humour, its not difficult to see why Chan has become a legend in so many ways. I hope he will continue to make thrilling films for future generations to sit back and admire the passion he has put into them.

Jackie Chan -

"I am privileged to have my 100th film selected as the special opening film for this significant year in which Japan has taken its first steps toward recovery."

- Variety

Trailer 1911 starring Jackie Chan

For the full selection check out the Tokyo International Film Festival website here

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