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What J.J. Abrams can learn from Zack Snyder

All it takes is one tweet to ruin a franchise. Well that may sound a little harsh but after 'Batman Vs Superman' director tweeted the first picture from the movie, it was subsequently destroyed by the internet.

Ben Affleck has been a no-show for the past few days but beyond that, we now have to consider the prospect that whatever image comes out of Star Wars 7, could in turn become an internet joke.

Can you imagine a sad Luke Skywalker in one of these?

Ben Affleck faces an uphill battle to convince millions of fans that his interpretation of Batman is 100% serious and dark but if Star Wars were to turn up the marketing on Twitter, we may find ourselves laughing at the wrong movie.

While 'Batman vs Superman' should be taken a little lighter than 'The Dark Knight Rises', 'Star Wars 7' is definitely something we don't want to 'corrupt' or turn into a circus. After all, it's nothing short of historic that it's even being made but for now, the first tweet out of the production is very hard to parody. Can we turn a clapper into a sad meme? Nope.

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