Is this the start of Charlie Sheen's Meltdown 2.0?

"The Gibberish" of Charlie Sheen's tweets

Charlie Sheen may have just passed the 10 million Twitter fan milestone but that hasn't stopped him from using the service to create new, incomprehensible dialogue.

This week the 'Anger Management' star criticized President Obama as he arrived in LA for several fundraisers and turned to his Twitter account to make his venting loud...

"the inane chaos the President is creating from today's visit is abhorrent and irresponsibly expensive if is this is Obama-kare I'm out"

Howeve, he's not the first celebrity to direct criticism towards the President, but what's more unusual perhaps is his approach to tweeting.

If you take a closer look at his recent tweets, you'll find that it doesn't take one or two lines of normal typing to create a message. For Charlie Sheen, it's a different process. As the actor once said :

"You can't process me with a normal brain"

Now, he's done this before, but only this time the references, the style of his tweets, has brought us closer to "Vatican Assassin" territory.

Is this the beginning of phase 2 of the Charlie Sheen meltdown?




Hopefully, it's just a sugar rush from the popcorn he ingested after watching 'Apocalypse Now' with a group of fighter pilots.

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