IMDB website Down - All movie pages suddenly become unavailable


IMDB glitch

IMDB, the world's largest online movie database appears to be facing a technical gltich after movie pages became inaccessible with an error 500 warning.

The server warning could suggest that a recent modification done to the website by the internal team has created a conflict, shutting off pages to users around the world.

We'll keep you updated as this develops. If you are unable to access their site, and still receive the same warning error, empty your browser's cache, to see if that fixes the problem.

Actor pages are also down on the website, however the front page is still accessible. Other sections also appear to be unaffected. News stories from other publishers don't seem to be affected either by the glitch.

Readers have started to report that web pages have became unavailable around the world.

IMDB's Server Error page might just be one of the most artistic we've seen in recent times. Every time you refresh the page you get a different quote from a movie. Was this planned?



So far there is no official word from IMDB about the outage.

UPDATE : IMDB Pages have been restored for a majority users

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