Is Charice the next Taylor Swift?

Charice Pempengco recently released her new single ‘Louder’ ahead of her 'Glee' Finale performance, which was met with praise from her fans.

Does Charice have what it takes to make it big in the music industry to the degree of success of Taylor Swift or Mariah Carey? With an enchanting voice and a powerful charisma, Charice, at 19, is a star in the making.

Her music video hit ‘Pyramid’ with Lyaz was viewed over 30 million times, and brought her internet fame and recognition that comes with a huge online following. Making the transition to a mainstream pop sensation won’t be easy, but Charice has her own style, and is hugely talented. Making already several appearances on the hit TV series ‘Glee’ the teen sensation is just at the beginning of her career.

Where will Charice take it to next? Will she become an international star? Let’s wait and see.

Charice official ‘Louder’ lyrical music video

Charice Official site

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