iPad 2 and the Android to change journalism?

The almighty iPad 2 and Android are market leaders with millions of worldwide users, but will they make an impact on journalism and the way we read the news?

With the huge growth in apps and a massive increase in sales for both gadgets, and in general, for mobile phones connected to the web, it is likely, many news agencies will pursue this with intrigue.

It is no secret that the revenue model for newspapers has changed because of a shift in advertising from print to the web. Competition is also much more fierce because even blogs are capable of delivering timely news content to niches.

How will mobile apps and portable ‘media centers’ impact your news experience? One thing is certain, with a growing market for content delivered via small portable devices, it is inevitable that news content must be available to a new set of eyeballs.

In a few years time, we can expect these devices becoming the first place for where news is read. This changes the relationship of the media and its readers. Also, with apps, who knows how far the customization of your reading experience will go? Expect a more interactive future.


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