Interview with short filmmaker Greg Ash

British filmmaker Greg Ash with eight short films under his belt has been always creating: writing, taking photographs, and, most importantly, making films.

Recently he went overseas to present his brand new comedy “Fired!” starring James Hillier and Kieran O’Brien. It’s about a Dad who is fired by his seven year old son, in a world where parents can be replaced. I got in touch with Greg right after the exclusive Fired! premiere in LA and spoke about the project.

Fired! Short Film Trailer

Julija: What did you want to convey in this film?

Greg: As well as entertaining people and hopefully making them laugh, I also like to get them thinking. I therefore prefer to leave audiences to take what they want from my films. However, when I was writing “Fired!” I was inspired to explore the freedom of choice we have in the modern world. We live in an era when reality television can cause us to treat relationships like a popularity contest, and I was interested in transposing this flippancy into family life. We have a boy who fires his Dad and replaces him with a “better” model, but as he comes to realise, unlimited choice is not necessarily a good thing.

Julija: How did you decide that Fired! had to be a comedy?

Greg: I’m naturally drawn to comedy as I think it’s an effective way of exploring the gap between illusion and reality. There are certainly dark undertones to Fired! and it could probably be a much more savage film. However, overall I wanted to convey a positive message. I think there is already enough suffering in the world, and that comedy can be a subtle way of inspiring people to make positive changes.

Julija: How many days did it take to shoot the film?

Greg: We filmed “Fired!” over 4 days in South London.

Greg-ash-fired-poster-short-filmJulija: In what ways is it different from your previous films?

Greg: “Fired!” is more light hearted than my previous short “Mr. Mzuza”, and I think appeals to a broader audience from young kids to grandparents. Technically it was more ambitious, with a larger budget, bigger crew and more equipment, and I therefore hope the result is a more accomplished, bolder piece. I’m also happy to have included some great music from Portland band “The Shivas”, which really ties the film together. Overall, I wanted to make something that seemed at times surreal and stylized, but at others mundane and down to earth. It plays like a strange combination of family comedy, western and satire, which is a hopefully unique combination.

Julija: Are you satisfied with the result?

Greg: Filmmaking is a process of constant development, so it is sometimes difficult to be completely satisfied in hindsight, but overall I believe “Fired!” is the close to the best version of that story I could have made. I put a hundreds of hours of work and all my energy into it, and that’s all I can hope to do. It’s already been well received at screenings, and was just nominated for Best Foreign Short at the LA Comedy Festival. I really hope that the passion and efforts of everyone involved have resulted in a film that people can enjoy and be touched by.

Julija: What’s next for you?

Greg: I am currently directing and acting in a US comedy series called ‘Super Chill’ ( and writing my debut feature film ‘Bigfootville’. My latest short film ‘Mr. Invisible’, starring Julian Glover and Omid Dijalili, will be screening at festivals throughout this year.

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