Interview with 'Finding Joe' director Patrick Takaya Solomon

How do you overcome your greatest fears? What makes you get up in the morning and decide to challenge the difficult obstacles in order to "follow your bliss"? 'Finding Joe' is the feature length documentary that takes a look at world renowned mythologist and philosopher Joseph Campbell and how his studies have impacted our culture. Featuring interviews with thought leaders such as Deepak Chopra and a host of special guests including Mick Fleetwood, Rashida Jones and skateboarder Tony Hawk, 'Finding Joe' gives audiences a true insight into how these ideas have shaped the way we think.

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Campbell's work has influenced some of the greatest artists and filmmakers of our time, including Stanley Kubrick, Bob Dylan and Star Wars creator George Lucas. Film director Patrick Takaya Solomon shares with us how this documentary was made, and why this story needed to be told.

Interview with Patrick Takaya Solomon

Iain: How did this documentary come about?

Patrick: That's a tough one because there was no single moment or catalyst that sparked me into action. I had been thinking of doing some kind of Campbell film for years but I just didn't know what it would be. I would have to say that at the time I started, I was going through a lot of personal crises and both my parents died in a very short span.... I think something about the confluence of crises and idea's started the ball rolling. Also, I watch the Bill Moyers interview with Campbell every year and it was getting more and more dated. I kept thinking that the material needed to be more contemporary so that a younger audience could understand it.

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Iain: What do you want to change with the message of 'Finding Joe'?

Patrick: I think the biggest goal for the film was to be inspirational. I would love it if someone watched this film then went out and did something...took action even if it's a small one. I'm actually getting tons of emails from people saying just that, so I think it's working. The other goal of the film is to bring this idea to a wide audience. His work is very academic so I tried to distill it in away that most people, from 8 to 100, could understand. It's really meant for people who've never heard of it Heroes Journey 101 ;)

Iain: How did you garner the support of top visionaries such as Deepak Chopra and Tony Hawk?

Patrick: I really didn't have a plan when it came to the interview subjects. I just started with one person and I knew it would lead me to another person and I just figured whoever I bumped into was meant to be in the film. I didn't set out to get Deepak. I interviewed Brian Johnson who introduced me to Robin Sharma who introduced me to Deepak Chopra and so on. The film is personal reflection of my self insofar as I surf and I skate. So, I had a personal interest in getting Tony and Laird...I don't golf so no Tiger Woods.

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Iain: What were the challenges you faced during the production?

Patrick: Money!!! It's 100% self financed so we are really stressing about it. My wife and I did everything you are not supposed to to... mortgage the house, max out the cards etc..

Iain: Is there anyone that inspired your creativity along the way?

Patrick: I think that every interview I did was an inspiration that really sparked something. I did 35 interviews with some very amazing and smart folks, you can't help being affected.... the magic just rubs off ;)

Iain: Do you have any advice for independent filmmakers who are looking to shoot a documentary?

Patrick: The best advice I can give is to allow the process to happen. Even when it's going to hell just allow for the fact that sh** happens and often disasters put us on a path that would have never been there otherwise.

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