Interns waging war against Fox Entertainment Group

It started off with the 'Black Swan' but now the lawsuit could go further

Film interns who worked in the Fox Entertainment Group 'internship program' have taken on the media giant with an added class-action lawsuit that raises the stakes, if it passes.

The studio has been under pressure since two interns claimed that Fox Entertainment had violated overtime laws and had not paid them a minimum wage despite filling out I-9 forms and signing non-disclosure agreements.

Interns were considered 'employees' within the internship program according to the lawsuit which was highlighted today via This would cover all interns who worked there.

The class action lawsuit, if approved by a judge, will impact Fox Entertainment Group including 20th Century Fox and other companies.


If the lawsuit amendment is approved it could pave the way for interns to get compensation as 'employees'. However, the internship program was amended in 2010 to offer interns a minimum wage of $8 an hour. It is not clear how many interns would fall under this lawsuit action, but it is a major escalation.

A hearing will be held on August 24th 2012.

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